Travel Tips & FAQ’s

For security information please visit Transportation Security Administration. It is recommended that passengers arrive 1:45 minutes before flight time.

When does the airline terminal open and close?

The passenger terminal building opens at 4:00AM and closes for public use after the last scheduled airline flight arrives, or 11:45PM if all scheduled airline flights have arrived.

What time does the security checkpoint close?

The TSA checkpoint closes 5 minutes after each SCHEDULED departure time. If your flight is delayed, the checkpoint may still close at the originally SCHEDULED departure time. Additionally, if you leave the secured area after the checkpoint closes, you cannot re-enter. Don’t get left behind! If you don’t arrive prior to the closure of the checkpoint, you will miss your flight. For further security requirements and prohibited item information visit Transportation Security Administration for information.

Does the airport have taxi or bus service?

Does the airport have taxi or bus service?
Yes. Razorback Cab (479.783.1118) offers taxi service and the City of Fort Smith offers bus service (479.783.6464 or 479.782.9833 or

Why can’t I talk to the airlines when I call my local airport?

Why can’t I talk to the airlines when I call my local airport?
Airports and airlines have a landlord and tenant relationship. Airports are local governmental facilities and each airline leases space from the airports to operate their business. Since airports and airlines are separate companies; airports are not connected to the airlines phone or computer systems. Therefore, the airports are unable to connect calls to the airlines’ desk or access the airline computer systems to provide information such as reservations, lost bags, etc. Most airlines operate central locations that provide customer service by phone and internet website for reservations, lost bags, etc. You must call the 800 numbers or go online to reach the airlines. It is the airlines decision as to whether they have local phone service available to the public. Airport staff are required to respect the airlines operating procedures and are not allowed to publish or release unlisted phone numbers.

What is the airport code for Fort Smith Regional Airport?

What is the airport code for Fort Smith Regional Airport?
Our 3 letter identifying code is FSM. Some websites require a 4 letter code, which is KFSM.

How much is an airline ticket?

How much is an airline ticket?
Each airline sets its own rates and schedules. Check with airlines that service Fort Smith or one of our local travel agencies to find out current fares and flight availability.
American Airlines  800-433-7300

Why should I fly from Fort Smith Regional Airport rather than drive to a larger airport to catch a flight?

Why should I fly from Fort Smith Regional Airport rather than drive to a larger airport to catch a flight?
Fort Smith Regional Airport is right across town – just minutes from anywhere in Fort Smith. There are minimal lines at the ticket counter and at the security checkpoint. Not only is the airport convenient, it is a beautiful facility that you will be proud to have your guests and business associates see. It is your airport! Use it and enjoy it.

Is there a restaurant at the airport?

Not at this time. The airport offers coffee and vending machines in the secured area past the security checkpoint.

Does the airport offer tours for the area schools?

Yes. For Information, call the airport administration office at 479.452.7000 Ext. 50 or send us a message.

Does our airport have a control tower?

Yes. The Fort Smith Airport has a FAA operated air traffic control tower.

What size luggage can I take with me?

For the individual airline requirements or additional information, contact the airlines. A list of prohibited items can be found at TSA.

There is bad weather predicted. How can I find out about my flight?

Decisions to delay or cancel flights are made by the airlines, not the airport. You can contact your airline directly or view our Flight Status page. This screen shows the flight display screen located in the airport terminal lobby at the Fort Smith Regional Airport.

What items are prohibited in the security area?

For a list of items that are prohibited please check the TSA website.

How do I find out about advertising opportunities at the airport?

Please contact the airport administrative office (479-452-7000 Ext. 50)

Are smaller regional aircraft safe?

Yes. The high safety record achieved by regional airlines equals that of the major airlines. Jet engines power all regional aircraft, whether a turbo with propellers on the outside-or a turbofan with fans inside the engine casing. Turboprops are well suited to regional flights. They are designed to fly shorter distances more economically than large jets. Regional airlines operate under identical FAA regulations and safety standards as major airlines – including pilot training and rest requirements, safety equipment, and dispatching procedures.  Regional Airline Association

How can I check the status of my flight?

Check for up-to-date arrivals and departures by calling the airlines directly or the Fort Smith Regional Airport’s website by clicking on the Flight StatusAmerican Airlines phone number is 800-433-7300. Airport codes are: Fort Smith FSM and Dallas Fort Worth DFW. A great feature is to have the airline notify you by phone, text or e-mail of any flight changes including delays and cancellations.

What does the TSA consider a liquid?

If you can POUR it, PUMP it, SQUEEZE it, SPREAD it, SMEAR it, SPRAY it or SPILL it. (Note: mascara and toothpaste ARE considered liquids.) For more information on other carry-on requirements, please visit the TSA website.

What time should I arrive at the Fort Smith Airport for my flight?

The airlines ask that you be at the airport one hour and thirty minutes before your flight. To check a bag, you must arrive at the ticket counter at least ONE HOUR before your flight.  Please Note: In Fort Smith the airlines close the ticket counters 45 minutes before each flight. If you are not checked in and clearing security by that time you will not make the flight.