General/Corporate Aviation Training

General/Corporate Aviation Training

A Message to Vehicle Operators

This online training course was prepared to teach you about the safety and security regulations for the purpose of accessing hangars or aircraft based inside the General and Corporate Aviation areas at FSM. If you have never driven into an airport before, this course will explain some of the rules and requirements while at FSM. If you have previously accessed these areas, this course may teach you some things you didn’t know or remind you of some things you may have forgotten.

ID Badge Compliance

FSM is a commercial service airport and therefore is regulated by Federal Aviation Part 139 and TSA Part 1542 Regulations. These regulations require all airports with commercial service to issue identification badges to anyone who is allowed unescorted into the General and Corporate Aviation areas.

Identification will only be issued to those with a valid need for an ID and FSM reserves the right to revoke identification when or if appropriate. Your ID badge must remain in your possession any time you are in the General and Corporate Aviation areas. You must be able to present this ID when requested by TSA or FSM staff. Please do not lose your ID badge. If you lose your badge, notify the airport immediately as the airport must report the loss to TSA. This is a federal regulation and it is important that the airport removes the ID’s access to any gate it may open.

As an ID holder, you are responsible for anyone who enters the airport with you. Also, you can not leave someone without an ID at your hangar or aircraft. You must remain with them until they depart. ID badges can not be loaned or borrowed by other individuals. This is a federal regulation and there are no exceptions. The penalty for loaning or using someone else’s ID will result in badge suspension or possible revocation of the ID.

Please be aware that both the FAA and TSA have the ability to fine the airport and/or an individual.  If the airport receives a fine due to violations caused by an individual, that fine shall be paid by the company and/or the individual responsible for the violation.

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